FotoFetch is a company that connects photographers to opportunities.

No. FotoFetch is a custom shop; we have customers with specific bespoke needs and we have photographers that can get those photos for our customers.

FotoFetch has eliminated the complexity of buying and selling an image by inventing a new business process using emerging technologies.

We select people all over the world to take photos based on the criteria selected by our customer.

We value the work based on the value of the photographers time.

You can sign up on the website by clicking on the register link on our homepage

You must be at least 18 years old.


A Customer is someone in need of a photo or video.

A Customer is a person, business, non-profit or government entity.

You sign up with FotoFetch as a customer.


After signing up and setting up your account you can create an order.

No. We review all requests; they have to be legal and ethical and respectful of the laws of whichever country they are coming from and being taken in.

Orders can be rejected for several reasons, our editors will provide comments on the order that specifically detail why an order was rejected. Some examples of order rejection reasons:

  • The order requested activity that is illegal
  • The order requested activity that breaks our content guidelines, our terms and conditions, or our privacy policy
  • The order was not correctly populated or had insufficient information to be able to deliver the content.

Please contact for any questions you may have about our service

FotoFetch was unable to deliver your order in a timely fashion. We do not charge for expired orders.

Once an order is assigned to a photographer it cannot be edited or canceled.

We have different steps to listing a request. Some of the steps during the process allow you to modify your request.

Anytime an order has changes made it must go through an order review process.

We have constraints that you select from including location, photo, video, drones, time of day, urgency, resolution and more.

Contact with your concerns, we will do our best to resolve your concerns.

Billing and Payment

Pricing varies depending on the constraints you set in the Request.

We only charge your account once an order is completed and the content requested is delivered. Your preferred payment method will be charged depending on the type of account you have.

Prices are not static, however, you will only be charged the price we show you when you submit your order for delivery. Any edits done to an order may affect the price of the order.

Your orders price is guaranteed only at the time of submission. Draft orders that are not submitted may see price changes over time.


FotoFetch will show you nearby jobs you qualify for based on the job requirements. You perform the job as requested and upload the photo(s) to us. We run them through a quick review and then pay you.

FotoFetch is buying the image and all the rights to the image. You are agreeing that you are the owner of the photo and you have full rights to assign it to FotoFetch.

You may not sell the same photo or a likeness of it, however, you are allowed to change your POV or other aspects of your location or shot to create an image that is yours to use and sell as you wish.

No. We wish to add to your current income by finding jobs for you to take that are convenient.

This depends on your employment contract with whomever you work for.


Jobs are displayed within a 30 miles radius of your current location, you will not be able to see any jobs outside this limit.

The minimum requirement for the most basic photo request is that the photographer needs a cell phone capable of taking 12MP images or more and a PayPal or Venmo account.

If the person’s face is germane to the photo, we need a release. We provide the release document for you to get the person's permission.

New users will only be able to accept one job at a time, as you take on and deliver more jobs and build history you will be able to accept more than one job. If you would like to take on several jobs that are close by don’t yet have the trust history built out in FotoFetch, reach out to customer support.

Content Submissions

The minimum requirement for the most basic photo request is that the photographer needs a cell phone capable of taking 12MP images or more and a PayPal or Venmo account.

You have 24 hours to submit your content from the moment you accept an order.

Details are mandatory criteria that should be met in order to fulfill the order successfully.

Photographs and videos can be rejected for several reasons, editors will list out the reason for rejection in the comments on the submission. Some example reasons for rejection can be:

  • The photo did not meet our basic quality guidelines
  • The photo did not meet the requirements as described in the order
  • The content of the submission contained illegal content

Billing and Payment

We do match your upload to the request we have given you. If you have followed the directions in the request and our general image guidelines you will get paid promptly.

We use PayPal and other online payment services. You are responsible for distributing payments to others, such as models or assistants if you have used them.

No, orders must be completed fully for payment to be issued.

We value and pay for your time. Your value is determined by your expertise that qualifies you to see jobs with constraints.

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Customer Support

If you are having any difficulty with using FotoFetch please contact our support team


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